Springfield Fire Department

The best protection against fire to your home is to follow prevention and mitigation measures to protect you, your family and your home. This page is to educate residents on common issues and be prepared.

For any general questions or concerns relating to Fire Safety Call the station at: 850-872-7535

For Emergencies Dial 911 immediately!

Fire Prevention Resources

Turkey Safety Video

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens when I call 911?
Your call is answered by a trained tele communicator to gather your information, initiate an appropriate response, and provide instructions or information before the ambulance arrives.

2 . What kind of assistance can I expect when I call for ambulance?
In the City Of Springfield when an ambulance is called one Paramedic and one EMT will respond Springfield Fire Rescue and Springfield Police Department will also respond to assist EMS with the needs of our citizens.

3- Why does a fire truck come to my house when I call for an ambulance?
In the City Of Springfield when an ambulance is called to a medical call, Springfield Fire Rescue will also respond to assist EMS with the needs of our citizens.

4- Will I get a bill when a fire truck or ambulance comes to my house?
Springfield Fire Rescue does not charge for any emergency when a fire truck comes to your home or location. EMS will not charge for responding to a call, unless the ambulance transports to the hospital.

5- Will the Fire Department install my smoke detectors free of charge?
Yes, Springfield Fire Rescue will install and or inspect smoke detectors, C02 detectors, and fire extinguishers at no charge to the citizens.

6. How do I get house numbers for my home?
For the residents of Springfield, you may contact Springfield Fire Department and one of our firefighters will come by with your numbers and install them at no charge.

7. How can I get a fire safety home inspection?
Contact the Assistant Fire Chief at 872-7535 to set up an appointment. We would be more than happy to preform a free fire safety home inspection.

8. How do I get a fire escape plan for my home?
You can contact the Asst. Fire Chief to setup an appointment. Or look up National Fire Protection Association on the web under fire escape plans.

9. Who do I ask to get fire extinguisher training?
Contact the Asst. Fire Chief to setup the time and location for fire extinguisher training class.

10. Can I burn in my yard in the city limits?
The City of Springfield has a no burn/smoke ordinance in effect. (No burning permitted)

11. How to make a donation to Springfield Fire Department?
Contact the Fire Chief to assist with this process. Thank you in advance.